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Lanny Darr exclusively represents plaintiffs in personal injury litigation. Lanny has significant experience in a wide range of personal injury law, including medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, wrongful death, trucking accidents, motorcycle accidents and defective product cases. A large number of his clients originate through referrals from other attorneys who recognize his competence to handle large complex cases. He has a reputation for achieving results in difficult cases when other lawyers have declined representation.

Lanny prides himself on personally handling all cases he accepts for representation. He has the expertise to, if necessary, try the case to a jury no matter how complex or lengthy. Lanny has collected millions of dollars on behalf of his clients.

Lanny is a lifelong resident of Madison County, Illinois. He and his family are active in several community organizations, charities and philanthropic organizations. He serves on the Board of Governors for the Missouri Association of Trial Attorneys.

Lanny resides in Godfrey, Illinois with his daughter.

Areas of Practice

Personal Injury
Medical Malpractice
Product Liability


Saint Louis University School of Law, St. Louis, Missouri

Southern Illinois University - Carbondale, Carbondale, Illinois
B.A. Major: Political Science

Bar Admissions:

State of Illinois
State of Missouri
U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Illinois
U.S. District Court for the Central District of Illinois
U.S. District Court
Seventh Circuit for the US Court of Appeals
Eight Circuit for the US Court of Appeals
Ninth Circuit for the US Court of Appeals
Federal Court of the Eastern District of Missouri

Professional Associations and Memberships

American Associations for Justice (AAJ)
Illinois Trial Lawyers Association (ITLA)
Missouri Association of Trial Lawyers (MATA) - Board of Governors

Case Results

Confidential v. Confidential, Madison County, Illinois. A settlement exceeding $1,000,000.00 for tractor trailer driver who struck another commercial truck stopped on the interstate. Defendant claimed throughout the three years of litigation that plaintiff should have seen his truck stopped on the roadway, that plaintiff was not injured in the wreck and our client’s back pain existed before this accident. The defendants and their insurance company maintained this position up until the time they contributed to a seven figure settlement for the benefit of our client and his family.

Estate of Skinner v. Harrison, et al, Sangamon County, Illinois. Settlement for adult children who prematurely lost their mother. Ms. Skinner died after a screening colonoscopy. The doctor failed to recognize he perforated his patient’s colon during the examination. The patient was discharged home where she became septic and died due to bowel content entering her abdomen through the hole in her colon. Case favorably resolved after our expert testified as to the errors committed by the defendant doctor.

Frasier v. Gnojewski
Madison County, IL

$4,000,000.00 verdict in a one-car accident for the family of deceased, single father leaving three minor children.

Landacre v. Les Enterprise, Inc., et al.
Federal District Court, Southern District of Illinois

Settlement in Federal Court against a Canadian truck driver who stopped her tractor-trailer on an Illinois highway causing our client to rear-end the Canadian truck. Our client sustained serious injury. The Canadian trucking company attempted to blame our motorist for not keeping a proper lookout but paid $480,000.00 to settle the claim.

Fosha v. Illinois Powers Company
Madison County, IL

Combined settlement exceeding $1,000,000.00 on behalf of construction foreman killed by a collapsing excavation wall. Our law firm sued several parties performing work on the site and established that the contractors and engineers failed to anticipate and plan for the unstable rock formations that made up the excavation.

Weather v. Gold Tip
Madison County, IL

Recovery for a defectively manufactured carbon arrow which exploded at release resulting in nerve damage to our client's hand. Confidential settlement with manufacturer.

Deutchmann v. Easton Technical Products, et al.
Gaconade County, MO

Recovery for a defectively manufactured carbon arrow which exploded at release resulting in nerve damage to our client's hand. Confidential settlement with manufacturer.

Novitskie v. Chanasue, et al.
Madison County, IL

Recovery for a wrongful death of an eighty (80) year old man when his dermatologist failed to properly treat skin cancer resulting in recurrent metastatic lesion.

Politte v. Eckhouse
Madison County, IL

$1,000,000.00 verdict for family of woman who died in house fire. We established at trial that smoke detectors had been removed preventing all notice of the fire preventing her escape.

Page v. IRC d/b/a Diamond Cabaret
St. Clair County, IL

$275,000.00 on behalf of a woman who fractured her hip when knocked to the ground by a doorman attempting to control an unruly customer outside a nightclub.

Rothgangel v. Belleville Memorial Hospital
St. Clair County, IL

Plaintiff was dropped by physical therapist during a chair to bed transfer resulting in a severe knee injury. Confidential settlement with the hospital employing the therapists.

Cruthis v. Hardbeck
Madison County, IL

Knee injury sustained while plaintiff was under general anesthesia for gynecological surgery. Doctor and hospital staff denied injury to plaintiff's knee occurred while she was under general anesthesia, but still settled before trial.

Arth v. Olroyd, et al.
St. Clair County, IL

Recovery against podiatrist and hospital when surgery was performed on the wrong foot. Settlement with podiatrist and hospital that employed the nursing staff.

Putnum v. York International, et al.
St. Louis County, MO

Confidential Settlement against furnace manufacturer and propane gas distributor for the defective manufacture and subsequent inspection of a propane furnace resulting in carbon monoxide poisoning.

Grant v. Barwig Pizza, Inc.
Franklin County, IL

$375,00.00 settlement on behalf of a minor who struck his head on the floor of a Dominoes Pizza franchise caused by "horseplay" of the store employees.

Buffo v. General Casualty Company
Uninsured Motorist Arbitration

Combined recovery exceeding $1 million dollars for a motorist injured in the course of his employment resulting in a Workers Compensation award and an uninsured motorist settlement with his employer's automobile insurer.

Rittenhouse v. Scotch Corporation, et al
St. Clair County, IL

Minor child recovered from manufacturer when her torso and legs were severely burned by common drain cleaner containing sulfuric acid. We negotiated a structured settlement that provides periodic lifetime of payments for the child.

Showmaker v. Southern Illinois Motor Express, et al.
Jackson County, IL

Motorist side-swiped by passing tractor-trailer resulting in delayed onset of pneumothorax. Trucking company used the several day delay of onset to deny their vehicle was the cause of the injury. Case settled prior to trial.

Bertolino v. Elm Transit Co., et al.
Trucking Accident - Sangamon Co, IL

Illinois Department of transportation employee operating snowplow when struck by tractor-trailer. After 11/2 years of no diagnosis, plaintiff underwent surgery for Thoracic Outlet Syndrome. Defendant used lengthy delay in diagnosis to dispute the accident was cause of injury. Nevertheless, the trucking company paid a significant amount to settle the claim.

Clark v. ITW Food Equipment Group, LL, et al.
Madison County, IL

With our help, the client established his employer's meat grinding machine was defective because it was operational with the safety guard removed. He suffered a partial finger amputation. Confidential Settlement with manufacturer.

McCallister v. Exelon, et al.
Rock Island, IL

Plaintiff injured his back lifting equipment at Rock island Nuclear Plant.

Clark v. Owens-Brockway Glass Container, Inc.
Madison County, IL

Defendant fired its employee claiming she faked a work related injury. Jury awarded her $164,000.0 in damages as a result of being fired, plus she won her Workman's Compensation claim.

A. Doe v. Family Services Visiting Nurses Association
Madison County, IL

Seventy-two (72) women who were given gynecological and breast exams by an individual claiming to be a licenses physician's assistant. He was employed by Family Services Visiting Nurse Associates but he was not licensed and unqualified to give exams.

Gnojewski v. American Standard Insurance Company
Madison County, IL

$1.8 million dollar settlement of a bad faith claim for an insurance company's improper handling of a defense of a motorist driver who was sued after an automobile accident.

Miller v. Crone
Madison County, IL

$500,000.00 settlement for a young man who fell from a ladder requiring surgery on his back.

Schupmann v. State Farm
The Arbitration Panel awarded $165,000.00 due to a back injury suffered in South Carolina.  Our client was insured by State Farm and was rear-ended by an uninsured motorist.  State Farm refused to pay its insured anything beyond some medical bills.

Taylor v. Red Bud Clinic
Randolph County, IllinoisAfter 9 days of trial, the lawyers secured  a life-changing settlement for the family  of a child brain damaged as a result of contracting bacterial meningitis.  We argued that had our client received the childhood vaccine Prevnar, his meningitis could have been prevented.

Susan Hanratty
We secured a $800,000.00 settlement for a lady whose leg was severely fractured when her car was struck by a tractor trailer.



Wade v. Philips Electronics
Madison County, IL

Court approved settlement on behalf of thousands of patients of Saint Anthony's Healthcares System who were improperly billed for healthcare services.

Hartley v. Saint Anthony's Health Center
Madison County, IL

Court approved settlement on behalf of thousands of patients of Saint Anthony's Health Systems who were improperly billed for healthcare services.

Locklear v. My Overhead
Madison County, IL

Court approved settlement on behalf of class business owners and individuals who were bombarded with fax advertising in violation of federal statute. The fax advertiser paid monetary settlements to each recipient of the illegal fax advertisement.


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